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The Top 8:

How to Avoid Being Hacked

1: Freeze your credit

Freeze your credit at the 4 credit bureaus.

2: Use two-factor authentication (2FA)

Set up two-factor authentication (2FA; MFA) at all your important online accounts like government, banks, investments, credit cards, etc.

3: Careful clicking on attachments or links

In email, avoid clicking on attachments or links unless they are expected and you’re sure of source.

4: Keep software up to date

Keep software (operating system, web browser, apps, …) up to date on all PCs and smartphones.

5: Backup critical files

Create remote, multi-version backups of personal computer and smartphone files.

6: Install antivirus

Use antivirus on your personal computers and smartphones.

7: Create passwords that are strong and unique

Use long, unique passwords for your important online accounts, like government, banks, investments, credit cards.

8: Encrypt your files

Encrypt your files on your computers, smart devices, portable storage, and the cloud.

How hackable are you?

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