Cybersecurity News of the Week, June 12, 2022

A weekly aggregation of important cybersecurity and privacy news designed to educate, support, and advocate; helping you meet your data care challenges and responsibilities.

Rita and I continue our wonderful trip to Ireland for our Covid-delayed holiday. Instead of the news, I’m sharing photos of our trip. This week’s photos are from the small towns and country-side in the Republic of Ireland.

The Irish landscape … Lakes. Mountains. Sky. Rocks. Windy Ocean.

And sheep … This species is unique to the Connemara area.

An 8th century overnight stop before starting a pilgrimage.

Dingle Pub … Time for a Pint of Guinness

Words of Wisdom from Kinsale … May it bring a smile to your face. Pass it on.

Next week I’ll be back with the Cybersecurity News of the Week, covering the major cybersecurity, privacy and other data care stories of the past few weeks. In the meantime, #UpdateNow. #Don’tTrust-AlwaysVerify.

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