Cybersecurity News of the Week, June 5, 2022

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Rita and I are in Ireland for a Covid-delayed holiday. Instead of the news, I’m sharing photos of our trip. This week’s photos are from Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Belfast has seen a fragile truce since the Good Friday accords implemented shared power between unionists and loyalists 25 years ago.

Rita and I signed the peace wall … a 30′ high wall built in the 1970s to keep the two sides apart.

As the above photo and the ones below illustrate, attempts to divide encounter a human force working to heal the divide and bring us together as one species. As I wrote on the wall “Give peace a chance.”

Outside of Belfast one sees landscapes dominated by the sea, the sky, Ireland’s rich history, and its sheep.

The Giant’s Causeway … the result of Ireland’s phenomenal geology … is said to have been built by an Irish Giant to connect Ireland and Scotland. The Irish giant had second thoughts on discovering how big the Scottish giant was and destroyed the causeway lest his Scottish nemesis cross the causeway and destroy him.

Here’s Rita on the Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge, linking the mainland to a tiny island. The bridge … originally a simple rope bridge … was used to fish for salmon 350 years ago.

And to round out the series, the following needs no explanation for Game of Throne aficionados.

I’ll be back next week with photos of the Republic of Ireland, including Newgrange, a 5,500 year old Neolithic burial mound. In the meantime, #UpdateNow. #Don’tTrust.#Verify.

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