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Organization Type: Solutions Provider
Industry: Digital Infrastructure (Telecommunications / Cloud Services / etc)
Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States, 46236
Cybersecurity Areas of Interest: Cyber Education & Workforce Development

CyberKnights is a skills assessment and cybersecurity workforce development portal built on the NICE Framework, a widely-adopted standardized taxonomy, enabling assessment and development of skills by individuals, employers, government and academia. Employers are able to take inventory of their organization’s current cybersecurity skills. CyberKnights identifies the skills gaps, displays the various training pathways for upskilling employees and developing internal talent, with the option to search external talent that can be further assessed to fill the skills gaps.

Additionally, the CyberKnights portal offers operational cybersecurity assessments, to be performed utilizing the NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, CMMC, or HIPAA. The system then links the tasks required to mitigate the risks identified, following NIST 800-30 risk measurement methodologies. These tasks are mapped to the NICE knowledge, skills, and abilities enabling CyberKnights to search qualified candidates from the talent pool for the skills required to mitigate the risks.

CyberKnights is engineered on the NICE Framework and designed to objectively assess and measure skills.

CyberKnights portal is a roles-based portal with Individuals, Employers, and Academia.

Individuals in the portal:

  • current candidates/professionals/employees
  • want to be vetted cybersecurity practitioners
  • want to establish a skills portfolio to build upon

Employers in the portal:

  • take inventory of their cybersecurity skills via management or operational assessments
  • identify skills gaps and develop upskill plans
  • search public talent pool to fill the skills gap

Academia in the portal:

  • gain visibility into the skills employers require
  • tailor/offer their curriculum to address the skills identified
✓ Available to Volunteer
✓ Able to host Leadership Meetings

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