Our VISION and Mission

The Vision of SecureTheVillage is a Cybersecure Global Village.

Our Mission is to turn people and organizations into CyberGuardians having the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to meet the ongoing challenges of cyber crime, cyber privacy and information security.

We accomplish our Mission by leveraging the cybersecurity community; by being a force multiplier, a catalyst, and a resource. It takes the village to secure the village! TM       

It Takes a Village – A Profound Culture Shift

In today’s Internet-connected world, everyone has a responsibility for information security and privacy, whether or not they are an “information  security professional.” 

In today’s Internet-connected world, everyone must be a CyberGuardian with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to do their part in securing information. 

As our society has become more technologically-connected, our economy, our life-style, even our way of life is being challenged as never before. In today’s world, we are increasingly dependent on the information flowing through our computers and across the Internet. That means we are at risk of cybercrime, identity theft, cyber espionage, and attacks on our privacy. As Ron Ross of the National Institute of Standards and Technology said. “Without security and privacy, there is no freedom.”

The most serious challenge we face is getting the non-security-professional involved in the battle. Our very understanding of “security” has to be re-imagined to include everyone from the Board Room to the Living Room. Everyone has a role to play. It takes the village to secure the village! TM       

SecureTheVillage – What We Do

SecureTheVillage maintains the SecureTheVillage website as a place for the community to come together,share information and knowledge, and build community. Our CyberLeaders and CyberPartners are included in our Village Square and are encouraged to contribute to our Events Calendar and our Resource Library.

SecureTheVillage hosts a variety of Educational Events and Information Security Resources. These focus on supporting different information security constituencies in meeting their information security and privacy responsibilities.

  • Executives and Boards to support their responsibility for governance and for creating a cyber-resilient culture.
  • Information security managers and CISOs to support their information security management and leadership knowledge and skills
  • CIOs, CTOs, MSPs and IT vendors to support their need to secure the technology stack.
  • Financial service professionals to support their need to ensure the security of our financial systems
  • Cyber risk managers and insurance brokers to support their need to provide sound information security advice and recommendations to their customers
  • Village residents to support their need for basic cybersecurity defense practices for themselves and their families, helping them become cyber-aware citizens.

SecureTheVillage leads a Cybersecurity Workforce Working Group. By bringing together people and organizations across multiple sectors and in different geographic regions with a professional interest in a fully-staffed diverse cybersecurity workforce, we are making 1 + 1 = 1000.

SecureTheVillage  hosts an annual Cybersecure LA Conference every October as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

SecureTheVillage maintains a Cybersecurity Speakers Bureau, making experts available to organizations wishing to provide cybersecurity education to their constituencies.

SecureTheVillage publishes Free Information Security Management Resources, including our Information Security Management ResourceKit, our Basic IT Security Management Practices, and our Minimum Reasonable Information Security Management Practices

Our Cybersecurity News of the Week, including the Weekend Patch Report is distributed to over 3,000 readers every Sunday afternoon and re-posted on social media.

SecureTheVillage collaborates with like-minded information security professionals around the world. We freely share our knowledge and expertise, and are grateful for others who share with us. It’s how we grow the village.

We are guided by a Leadership Council of leading cybersecurity, business, technology, education, and law enforcement professionals.

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