Be a CyberGuardian

CyberGuardiansTM have the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to meet the ongoing challenges of cyber crime, cyber privacy, and information security.

As a CyberGuardianTM , I pledge to:

  1. Learn and stay informed about cyber risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and defensive measures.
  2. Protect my own and my family’s important information and our computing devices.
  3. Share my cybersecurity knowledge and expertise with village residents.

 Protection measures include the following:

  1. Protect Personal Information: Freeze my credit and the credit of family members; regularly review bank, credit card, investment accounts, and medical records; review family credit reports at least annually; never send personal information, such as Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers or debit or credit card numbers, in email or texts.
  2. Secure My Home Network:  Use strong unique passwords with a properly configured and maintained router and secure WiFi encrypted with WPA2 or stronger.
  3. Secure My Computing Devices:  Use non-administrative accounts, strong unique passwords, software-based firewalls, anti-malware, encrypted file storage, and regular patching and updating of programs.
  4. Protect Access to Sensitive Online Accounts:  Use strong unique passwords and 2FA / MFA when available on personal accounts, such as banks, brokerages, eCommerce, and official government sites. Use a password manager to store and protect passwords.
  5. Ensure Information Availability: Maintain a secure, encrypted, remote, multi-version backup of important files. Test restoration periodically.
  6. Practice Caution: Avoid opening attachments or clicking links in email if not certain of the source or the email’s legitimacy. Use a VPN when accessing the Internet over a Public WiFi. Use different passwords for different applications and websites, and change if a breach is announced.
  7. Maintain Secure Records:  Maintain secure records of all personal cyber details for use by my family in the event of my incapacitation.
  8. Seek Expert Guidance in the event of a suspected malware attack.

CyberGuardians Receive

  • Digital badge to proudly display on your email signature and post on social media
  • Free subscription to the SecureTheVillage Cybersecurity News of the Week & Weekend Patch Report
  • Satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing your part towards a cybersecure global village

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