data care: A Deeper Look

Data care is the personal responsibility we all have for taking care of our own digital information, managing our own cybersecurity and privacy needs.

Data care has a lot in common with health care: the protection of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment  of disease and injury throughout people’s lives. Even as we have an entire system of health and medical support, our personal responsibility is to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, and refrain from smoking. The medical system can’t protect us if we don’t do our part.

Data care’s the same way. Each of us must do our part.

  • Protect our data, along with the computers and smartphones we use.
  • Defend against identity theft.
  • Guard against online bank fraud and financial scams.
  • Protect the digital photos on our smartphone lest our phone be stolen.
  • Shield our children and family from being spied on by hackers who have taken control of our computer.
  • Protect our files from the cybercriminals who want to lock (encrypt) them unless we pay a ransom.
  • Insulate ourselves from all the misinformation and disinformation attacks designed to make one question what’s really going on.

All the anti-virus programs and firewalls and spam filters in the world won’t protect us if we don’t do our part:

  • Freezing our credit.
  • Using 2FA / MFA on sensitive accounts.
  • Being careful of clicking on email links and attachments.
  • Keeping software up to date.
  • Backing up our critical and important files.

These are some of the things we must do to care for our data.

Data care also means we have to protect the personal information we have of others. Just as we want people to protect our information, we have an ethical / moral responsibility to protect theirs. Think of this like not smoking indoors near your friends. We’re all in it together.

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