Mr. Axel Kloth

Title: CEO
Organization: Abacus Semiconductor Corporation
Industry: Semiconductor Industry
Location: San Bruno, CA, United States, 94066
Cybersecurity Areas of Interest: Cyber Crime Risks and Threats, Cybersecurity & Privacy Laws and Regulations, Information Security Management / MSSP, Security Management of IT Network

Axel is a physicist and computer scientist by training, and he is the Founder, President and CEO of Abacus Semiconductor Corporation. He was also the Founder and CTO of Axiado, an AI-enhanced security processor company. He is a serial entrepreneur with a keen sense of technology and its business potential.

Prior to founding Axiado as a spinout, he started SSRLabs (Scalable Systems Research Labs) with a focus on HPC, and Parimics, a vision processor and systems company that in 2004 built the foundation of real-time object detection, motion analysis and object tracking in hardware, with as many objects trackable as there were in the frame set.

Axel was involved in a number of startups in optical communication, Distributed Feedback Dye and semiconductor LASERs, high and continuous availability systems and resilience and survivability studies for exposed systems as well as in projects for the US State Department. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to Pegasus Tech Ventures, a global VC firm that conducts the Startup World Cup Challenge.

He has been involved in cryptographic research (prior to NIST creating the crypto challenge and subsequently defining and publishing crypto standards) and securing data in transit and data at rest for nearly as long as he has been using and developing solutions for HPC.

Axel is known as a disruptor and a creative mind to come up with new solutions, and he particularly likes to prove people wrong if they claim something is undoable. To that effect, he was behind the world’s first CML high-speed serial links on bulk CMOS, which was believed to be impossible to do. He is also behind the world’s first combined virtually output queued (CVOQ) switch fabric and many other inventions in the areas of processor architecture, communication I/O, protocols, cache coherency and I/O offload.

Axel currently is focused on digital privacy rights, and that better supercomputers will be deskside machines in the not too distant future. He is a prolific blogger here and on other sites such as IFTBOH.ORG. Axel can be reached at axel.kloth at

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