Omnistruct Inc

Organization Type: Service Provider
Industry: Information Security and Privacy Management / MSSP
Location: Sacramento, CA, United States, 95821
Cybersecurity Areas of Interest: Cyber Education & Workforce Development, CyberResilience, Cybersecurity & Privacy Laws and Regulations, Cybersecurity Governance, Cybersecurity Leadership & Culture, Cybersecurity National Policy, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Frameworks & Best Practices, Information Security Management / MSSP, Investigations and Forensics, National Cybersecurity, Privacy Management, Security Management of IT Network
Omnistruct offers cyber governance as a service (GaaS) using automation around NIST guidelines for cybersecurity.  We do this using new US guidelines in privacy, security, and risk for the other 99% of businesses who need to demonstrate assiduous handling of the sensitive data they steward.
New cyber regulations are holding executives personally accountable for how they lead the cyber risk problem.  However, the other 99% of business leaders struggle to understand and resource the preparatory efforts required for when security and privacy compliance matter.
Cybersecurity’s long-term “ground war” of protection, detection, and response when hackers attack now needs an “air war” of cyber strategy and governance that illustrate cyber leadership in the C-Suite and Board Room for before, during, and after hackers succeed. Regulatory bodies and lawmakers are demanding accountability, compliance, and demonstrable duty of care that reflect how leaders are driving all of their workers to do the right thing, especially when no one is watching.
Omnistruct subscriptions are designed for small and mid market businesses and their IT service providers, managed service providers, and IT resellers to help organizations continuously tick the compliance checkbox, invest wisely in your cybersecurity ground war, and build a cyber risk “airbag” for when hackers succeed.

Service Provider

Services Provided: CyberResilience, Cybersecurity Governance, Cybersecurity Leadership & Culture, Cybersecurity National Policy, Frameworks & Best Practices, Information Security Management / MSSP, Privacy Management, Risk Management / Insurance, Security Management of IT Network, Supply Chain Security
Industries Served: Banking and Financial Services, Brokerages / Wealth Management, Construction / Architecture / Engineering, Consulting (Management / Strategy / Leadership / Finance /HR / etc), Digital Infrastructure (Telecommunications / Cloud Services / etc), eCommerce, Education, Food & Beverage, Government, Health Care (Medical / Wellness / etc), Insurance (Personal / Commercial / Employee Benefits /etc), Law, Law Enforcement, Managed Service Providers (MSP) / IT, Natural Resources / Energy / etc, Nonprofit Organizations, Research & Development, Transportation, Utilities
Size of Clients: Mid to Large Organizations, Small to Medium Organizations, Small and Home Office
Geographic Service Range: National
People seeking products /services: Attorneys, Boards of Directors, CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, CISOs, Information Security Managers, Cyber Policy, Cyber Risk Managers / Insurance Brokers, Executives, Financial Service Professionals, Law Enforcement, Other Business Professionals, Small Business
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