Phoenix 2.0, Inc.

Organization Type: Service Provider
Industry: Information Security and Privacy Management / MSSP, Managed Service Providers (MSP) / IT
Location: South San Francisco, CA, United States, 94080
Cybersecurity Areas of Interest: Cyber Crime Risks and Threats, Cyber Education & Workforce Development, CyberResilience, Cybersecurity & Privacy Laws and Regulations, Cybersecurity Governance, Cybersecurity Leadership & Culture, Cybersecurity National Policy, Disinformation Misinformation & Fake News, Diversions, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Financial Cybersecurity, Frameworks & Best Practices, Identity Theft, Information Security Management / MSSP, Investigations and Forensics, Law Enforcement, National Cybersecurity, Other, Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS), Privacy Management, Ransomware, Risk Management / Insurance, Secure The Human, Security Management of IT Network, Supply Chain Security

The Phoenix 2.0 Cyber Risk Management Program is based on The NIST Cybersecurity Framework of computer security guidance for how private sector organizations in the United States can assess and improve their ability to manage, prevent, detect, and respond to cyber risk and attacks.

For each phase of the framework we have a list of recommended tools, polices, solutions that clients should have in place given their industry, size and scope. We derive a risk score of their existing security posture as measured against security industry best practices. All of this is easily turned into an on-going living Cyber-Risk Management Playbook, which in turn rolls up into your organization’s Business Continuity Plan.

In today’s world of rampant RansomWare and the blurring of technology, workflow and business process, the risk to your organization is immense and can easily be terminal. The preventative and contingency measures that can help you stave off or recover from a breach or other critical events are surprisingly low in cost in comparison to the ROI and value they will provide.

Phoenix 2.0 has a proprietary framework for conducting risk assessments that is expedient, un-intrusive and will give you situational awareness and a plan for action.

We’ve placed senior security professionals at many household name companies and silicon valley enterprises and have the skills required to asses and implement straightforward everyday best practices for small to medium local organizations and architect secure enterprise grade infrastructure for bigger, more advanced environments.

During our risk assessment we assess your technical, physical and administrative controls and give you an honest appraisal of your current state, any gaps, what the future state should look like, industry best practices and what it will take to get there. We find that most organizations can significantly reduce their risk by following some basic best practices. We can share templates of policies and help you customize a program to suit your organization.

Please reach out to us for an assessment of your security today: alex@p20inc.com415-595-2703

Service Provider

Services Provided: Cyber Crime Risks and Threats, CyberResilience, Cybersecurity Governance, Cybersecurity Leadership & Culture, Financial Cybersecurity, Frameworks & Best Practices, Information Security Management / MSSP, Other, Ransomware, Secure The Human, Security Management of IT Network, Supply Chain Security
Industries Served: Accounting and Audit, Banking and Financial Services, Brokerages / Wealth Management, Construction / Architecture / Engineering, Consulting (Management / Strategy / Leadership / Finance /HR / etc), Consumer Retail, eCommerce, Education, Health Care (Medical / Wellness / etc), Insurance (Personal / Commercial / Employee Benefits /etc), Manufacturing & Distribution, Media and Entertainment, Nonprofit Organizations, Residents (Individuals and Families)
Size of Clients: Mid to Large Organizations, Small to Medium Organizations, Small and Home Office, Residents
Geographic Service Range: Local
People seeking products /services: Attorneys, Boards of Directors, CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, CISOs, Information Security Managers, Cyber Policy, Cyber Risk Managers / Insurance Brokers, Executives, Financial Service Professionals, Other Business Professionals, Residents (Individuals and Families), Small Business, Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
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