Cybersecurity Essentials for Small & Medium Businesses

This is a recording of SecureTheVillage’s Insurance Brokers Cybersecurity Roundtable on September 15th, 2020 hosted by Stan Stahl, PhD and Grant Hester.

Description: Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, meaning: everyone must play their part.  From the end-user to the business owner, we all have a role to play.  In this session, CISA outlines key steps that individuals and businesses can take to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

The Insurance Brokers Cybersecurity Roundtable is designed to connect insurance brokers and cybersecurity experts in a peer-to-peer “learning community” to provide brokers with up-to-date information to best protect and serve their clients in today’s ever-changing cyber landscape.

Speaker: Deron T. McElroy, Chief of Operations, Cybersecurity Advisor Program

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