Embracing the New Mindset: Governing Your Business’ Cyber and Privacy Risk

This is a recording of SecureTheVillage’s webinar on August 13th, 2020, hosted by Stan Stahl, PhD.

Description: Increasing, cybersecurity and data privacy are becoming top considerations for businesses. As more and more of the economy becomes digital, and technology plays an increasingly important role in addressing operational challenges, security and privacy are key to business strategy and risk mitigation. For executives, it is important to understand the cyber and privacy business risks, the opportunities to mitigate those risks, and the ways to manage and lead throughout the security and privacy journey.

This webinar walks through critical executive considerations when addressing cyber and privacy across the entire enterprise.

  • Understanding: Executive level security and privacy concerns
  • Mitigating: Strategies mitigate security and privacy risks
  • Managing: Creating strong leadership to encourage security and privacy
  • Cultural Change: Security and privacy requires a cultural response. Culture starts at the top. Executive support and encouragement are key. Need to align with strategic goals.


  • George Usi, CEO, Omnistruct Inc, SecureTheVillage Board Member
  • Jordan Fischer, CIPP-E, CIPP-US, CIPM, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at XPAN Law Group

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