How to Protect Your Company Without Breaking the Bank

Based on Ben Franklin’s principle that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Stan shows how an organization can lower its total cost of security by emphasizing sound management and proactive leadership.

  • The cost of security
  • The twelve costs of cybersecurity failure
  • Seven key information security management strategies
  • The CyberAdaptive Culture: Leadership and tone at the top
  • Information security as a critical imperative in the ability of Democracy to meet the challenge of Autocracy

Speaker: Dr. Stan Stahl, PhD … Founder & President of SecureTheVillage.

Recorded at: Technology Association of Louisville, KY (TALK) 5th Annual Cybersecurity Summit 2021

Record Date: June 18, 2021

TALK is a non-profit tech council, working to enhance and advance the Louisville, KY technology community, and its sister surrounding regions.

TALK, the Technology Association of Louisville, is one of 60+ tech councils in North America, including Canada, and a member of TECNA, which, in turn, has partnership from CompTIA, a large IT trade association. We are an independent, non-profit educational organization and a registered 501C3. We look to create opportunities for job growth, job training, STEAM curriculum, plus public policy and advocacy around technology subjects in DC. We can be found on Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook as well as at: Currently, we are a non-profit organization raising funds for staff and sustainability.

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