Information Risk Management – The Rosetta Stone of Cybersecurity with Stan Stahl, PhD

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Title: Information Risk Management – The Rosetta Stone of Cybersecurity

Speaker: Stan Stahl, PhD, SecureTheVillage Founder & President

Description: Effective communication is at the very heart of management. Yet effective communication between IT and management is often blocked by the simple fact that IT / Information Security and management seem to speak two different languages. Like the Rosetta Stone, Information Risk Management provides a common language that both IT / Information Security and management understand. Information Risk Management may also provides a legal basis for the argument that one’s information security practices are defendable.

Drawing on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Risk Management, the Center For Internet Security (CIS) Risk Assessment Method, and the Sedona Conference, Dr. Stahl will describe Information Risk Management and demonstrate how it can be applied in making information security management decisions.

  • How much protection is my information security spending providing?
  • Is the reasonableness of our security practices defendable?
  • Am I spending my security budget in the right place?
  • Where can I get the greatest additional security by investing another $X in information security?
  • Compared to other corporate resources, is this the best place to spend $X?

Speaker: Stan Stahl, PhD founded SecureTheVillage as a nonprofit community-based response to the cybercrime and privacy crisis. SecureTheVillage’s vision is a cybersecure global village. Stan is also Director of Information Security Management Programs at Miller Kaplan where he brings his 40 years of information security management expertise to midsize and smaller businesses and nonprofits. In addition to community leadership through SecureTheVillage, Stan serves on the Advisory Board of LA Cyber Lab and the Small Business Advisory Council of the Cyber Readiness Institute. An information systems security pioneer, in the 1980s Stan secured teleconferencing between the White House and key Federal Agencies, databases inside Cheyenne Mountain, and the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arsenal. A frequent speaker, Stan was an invited panelist at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Symposium in San Diego in January 2020 on the topic of How to Protect Your Company Without Breaking the Bank. Stan is also the author of The Agnostic Patriot: A Citizen Searches for the Soul of America. His Ph.D. in mathematics is from The University of Michigan.

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