Inserting Risk into the Enterprise Vocabulary with Stevan Bernard

Description: Between the global pandemic and worldwide civil unrest, the risk landscape has drastically changed. Stevan Bernard shares how businesses can prepare for the ever-changing risk landscape.

You Will Learn:

– What risks businesses should be preparing for today.

– How business leaders should be addressing brand and reputational risks.

– The role of business in addressing security.

– The evolution of insider risks.

– And more!

Speaker: Stevan Bernard is Chief Executive and Founder of Bernard Global, which has quickly become known as a trusted provider of strategic services and solutions. He was Executive Vice President at Sony during both the Playstation and N. Korea hacks. Being a sought after speaker on cyber security, crisis management, leadership and risk mitigation has helped to further establish him as a broadly experienced resource. He also remains an active participant in OSAC, DSAC, Infragard, ISMA, ACFE and ASIS.

Slides: Click Here

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