Lessons From the Trenches


Conti, BlackByte, Vice Society, Maze, Egregor, PYSA, Hive… when are we ever going to catch a break? That’s just the thing: We aren’t. These ransomware groups and many others, as well as the “usual” daily barrage of threats, add up to a daunting cybersecurity challenge for all organizations. As a provider of Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and incident response (IR) services, Pondurance security experts have seen it all: The best outcomes when organizations are prepared to address threats, and the worst outcomes when they aren’t. In this recording, Pondurance IR expert Max Henderson shares some of the mistakes and misconceptions that occur when an organization isn’t prepared for a compromise, and provides insights into both threat actor techniques and the proactive measures necessary to prevent significant data breaches based on recent trends in 2021.


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