Securing Your Home & Family (Part 1)

Description: This SecureTheVillage webinar teaches ordinary computer users – fathers, mothers, their children, and their parents – what they need to do to stay safe: secure their information and protect their privacy. We discuss everything from freezing your credit to updating your router to preparing cyber-instructions for your next of kin.

Speaker: Dr. Steve Krantz is the author of CyberGuardian: A SecureTheVillage TM Guide for Residents. A member of the SecureTheVillage Board of Directors, Steve retired from a 39-year career at IBM® in 2007 as a Distinguished Engineer. For the last 8 years of his IBM career, he was Chief Architect and Strategy Leader of IBM’s worldwide, internal IT infrastructure, responsible for the successful computing support of over 400,000 professionals, technicians and administrators.

This is the first recording from SecureTheVillage’s two-part series on personal cybersecurity. Part 1 was recorded on May 14th, 2020 and hosted by Stan Stahl, PhD.

Slides: Securing Your Home and Family (Part 1)

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