CISA Cybersecurity Workforce Development Resources

To develop a more resilient and capable cyber nation, we must have a highly-skilled cybersecurity workforce across industry and government. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is committed to helping organizations build a comprehensive cybersecurity professional capability. DHS has created tools and resources, including the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, to help organizations understand and act on their cybersecurity workforce needs.

DHS’s workforce development tools and resources help organizations answer questions such as:

  • What is the current state of my employee’s cyber capabilities?
  • What gaps do we need to fill?
  • What kinds of cybersecurity workers do we need to hire?
  • How can I keep and grow my cybersecurity staff?

Effective cybersecurity workforce development helps organizations more efficiently and effectively recruit qualified cybersecurity professionals, and to provide this critical workforce with clear job descriptions and development opportunities. DHS has a resource to help organizations get – and keep – the right cybersecurity staff: The Cybersecurity Workforce Development Toolkit. The Toolkit will help you understand your organization’s cybersecurity workforce and staffing needs, and includes things like templates to create your own cybersecurity career paths, and resources to recruit and retain top cybersecurity talent.

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