Weekend Update Report, May 7, 2023

Keeping your computer programs patched and updated is one of the Top-5 things you can do to protect your security and privacy. While there are tools that support this, such as Norton 360 on Windows and Ninite, it’s important that you make certain the updates are correctly applied. There are no silver bullets in cybersecurity.

Important Security Updates

UPDATE Button on Computer Keyboard

Apple: Apple released a security update for iOS and iPodOS, 16.4.1(a).  Updates are available from the program

Dropbox: Dropbox has released version 173.4.6706 for its file hosting program. Updates are available at Dropbox’s website.

Edge: Edge has been updated to version 113.0.1774.35. Updates are available from the program.

Chrome: Google has released Google Chrome version  113.0.5672.64. Updates are available from within the browser or from Google’s website.

Zoom: Zoom has been updated to Updates are available from the program.

Current Software Versions

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2023.001.20143

Apple iOS, iPadOS: 16.4.1(a)

Dropbox 173.4.6706

Edge 113.0.1774.35

Express VPN :

Firefox 112.0.2 [Windows]

Foxit Reader `

Chrome  113.0.5672.64 (Official Build)

KeyPass 2.53.1


Safari 16.4.1 (Mac OS Big Sur and Mac OS Monterey)





If you are responsible for the security of your computer, our Weekend Patch and Update Report is for you. We strongly urge you to take action to keep your system(s) patched and updated.

If someone else is responsible for the security of your computer, forward our Weekend Patch and Update Report to them and follow up to make sure your computer has been patched and updated.

Vulnerability management is a key element of information security management. Cyber criminals take over user computers by writing computer programs that “exploit” vulnerabilities in operating systems (Windows, Apple OS, etc) and application programs (Adobe Acrobat, Office, Java, etc). When software companies find a vulnerability, they usually issue an update patch to fix the code running in their customer’s computers.

SecureTheVillage publishes our Weekend Patch and Update Report to alert readers to some of the week’s important updates and vulnerabilities. Our focus is on software typically found in the small or home office (SOHO) or that users are likely to have on their home computer. The report is not intended to be a thorough listing of updates.

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