How the CompTIA ISAO is Improving Cybersecurity Resilience with MJ Shoer

The CompTIA ISAO is an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization made up of MSP, solution provider, integrator, MSSP, CSP, vendor, distributor and consultant members who all serve the SMB community globally. Working together, sharing best practices and cyber threat intelligence, we are improving the cybersecurity resilience of these organizations in order to help them be more secure and most importantly, help their customers be more secure.

You will learn:

– The importance of being part of an ISAC or ISAO.

– How cyber threat intelligence helps improve organizational cybersecurity.

– Real world examples of how cyber threat intelligence has helped protect companies, large and small.

Speaker: MJ Shoer is SVP, Executive Director, CompTIA ISAO with a focus on raising the cyber resilience of the global tech industry. With three decades of helping small and medium-sized businesses use technology to improve their efficiencies and profitability, MJ is a passionate and engaging IT executive. Since 1997, he has owned and sold his own MSP and been part of the executive and leadership teams of two other MSPs. He has testified at the state and federal levels on cybersecurity and is a published and industry-recognized cybersecurity expert. He serves as an executive committee member and secretary for the IT Sector Coordinating Council.

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