No Longer the House of “No” with Jeffrey Aguilar

DESCRIPTION: In this webinar, Jeff discussed the challenges of managing information security within a large public sector organization, as well as the threats, challenges and areas of opportunity partnering with businesses to socialize the “shift left” strategy. The result is getting away from the perception that security is the house of “No” by improving culture and relationships between information security and business stakeholders.

SPEAKER: As Deputy Chief Information Security Officer of Los Angeles County, Jeffrey Aguilar is responsible for working with the county CISO on all aspects of information security, including strategy development, program maturity, and adherence to federal information security policy. He works with other county departments on security initiatives and the initiatives’ alignment to enable secure business practices. Aguilar has served as a consultant to several Fortune 500 organizations providing an array of services ranging from advisory roles to executive leadership to recommendations of technical solutions.

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