From the Board Room to the Living Room … The Last Mile

Cybersecurity and privacy are incredibly nuanced disciplines, interacting in ways we have never before encountered. They weave together law, technology, risk management, governance, law enforcement, the regulatory environment, public policy, education, political philosophy, psychology, and even questions of freedom … and of war and peace.

In 2019, Ron Ross was the keynote speaker at Cybersecure SoCal 2019, the second annual conference SecureTheVillage produced with the CyRP Program at Pepperdine University. Ron is a Fellow at NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Ron’s focus areas include cybersecurity, systems security engineering, cyber resiliency, security architecture, privacy, and risk management. 

Taking his audience through the evolving risk landscape, sharing several examples of espionage and cybercrime, and the deep challenges of engineering security and privacy into our systems, Ron left us with a sober message … that without cybersecurity … without privacy … without these … there is no freedom. And he left us motivated … sharing with us how … every morning … when he goes out to walk his dog … he takes a big deep breath of freedom.

SecureTheVillage’s perspective is that … if we are to have a cybersecure global village … if we are to continue to breathe free … we must get everyone involved. Everyone has a role to play. Everyone must become a CyberGuardian. It takes a village to secure the village TM.

  • We all have a role to play in securing our businesses and places of work, and protecting the privacy of those who share their information with us. Cybersecurity is everyone’s job. Everyone from the Chairman of the Board to the receptionist has a role to play.
  • We all have a role to play in securing our homes and families, and protecting our privacy.
  • We all have a role to play as citizens. If we are to continue to breathe free we must understand the issues sufficiently well to support our elected officials as they work to meet our cybersecurity and privacy challenges.

Our perspective is consistent with Norm 7 of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) which reads in part “GCSC believes that fundamental cybersecurity defense through the widespread adoption of cyber hygiene has become essential to the responsible use and beneficial growth of the Internet. Security must be seen as a continuous process with responsibilities distributed among all actors.” In other words … from the board room to the living room … It Takes a Village to Secure the Village.TM

Consistent with our vision that a cybersecure global village can only be realized to the extent that everyone is a CyberGuardian — and based upon our own experience as an organization that spent our first 5 years tethered in Los Angeles — the leadership of SecureTheVillage lies in joining creatively with others to help change the behavior of those on the front-lines … that all-important last mile.

  • Board members needing to provide effective information security governance
  • Executives who must provide information security management and leadership
  • IT and security technology leaders with responsibility for securing the IT network
  • Financial service professionals having to protect their customers from BEC and other online financial fraud
  • Attorneys who must counsel their clients on evolving security and privacy laws, and other security / privacy legal challenges
  • Insurance brokers who must help their clients manage the financial risks of cybercrime and privacy
  • Residents who must protect themselves and their families from identity theft and other cyber challenges, and who must be cyber-aware citizens

Our Values

Leadership is dependent on values. These are ours:

  1. We are a community. We are open and welcoming; enthusiastically inclusive.
  2. We are collaborative. We believe “no one is as smart as everyone.”
  3. We believe in increasing returns; that by working collaboratively together to co-create people-based cybersecurity and privacy solutions — from the boardroom to the living room — we can make 1 + 1 = 1,000.
  4. We seek to educate so that people are equipped to make intellectually sound decisions about cybersecurity and privacy risk.
  5. We are passionate about securing the village.
  6. We bring strong personal values, morals, and ethics — such as honesty and integrity — to SecureTheVillage.

Our leadership premise is simple: Give people an opportunity to identify their own challenges and they’ll find ways to meet them.

Add Your Leadership to Ours … Join with us

We encourage CyberLeaders and CyberPartners to join with us and get involved. Bring your leadership to the challenge of a cybersecure global village. Share your experience and expertise … and your wisdom.

  • Doing an event? Let us know and we’ll post it on our Events Calendar.
  • Published a paper? Let us know and we’ll post it in our library.
  • Have an RSS feed? Let us know and we’ll link to it?
  • Do a podcast? Let us know and we’ll link to that?
  • Doing even more? Let us know and we’ll find ways to support your mission.

Help us help the village meet the challenges of cybersecurity and privacy … from the board room to the living room. For more information: email us at [email protected]

It takes a village of leaders for the village to lead itself.   

Board of Directors

SecureTheVillage leadership — together with governance — is provided by our Board of Directors. Board Members as of January 2021 are:

We are supported by an incredible team, full of talent, passion, and energy.

  • Devin Terry, Director of Operations
  • Noah Kramer, Webmaster
  • Lucy Andersen, Design
  • Anya Kramer, Strategy

SecureTheVillage Legacy Leaders

SecureTheVillage is grateful for the support of the Board and the many CyberLeaders who have given so freely of their time to assist us on our journey. Below are but a few.

  • Ara Aslanian, Inverselogic
  • Barbara Allen-Watkins, BAW Consulting, (STV Board retired)
  • Ben Stanbury, Amazon Studios
  • Bennet Kelley, Internet Law Center
  • Bill Leider, Axies Group
  • Bob Lipot, State of CA – Department of Business Oversight – Division of Financial Institutions
  • Bob Zukis, Digital Directors Network
  • Boeing Shih, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Brad Maryman, Maryman & Associates, Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)
  • Briane Grey, City National Bank
  • Bruce Barkis, BGB Advanced Resources
  • Bryan Lachica, Aurum Strategies
  • Caitlin Gremminger, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Carmen Marsh, Inteligenca
  • Charla Griffy-Brown, Pepperdine University
  • Charles Fleming, CAFEtech Los Angeles
  • Chris Covino, City of Los Angeles – Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Cyber Lab
  • Christopher Taylor, ME-ISAC
  • Dan Meacham, Legendary Pictures
  • Dave Watts, Inovo InfoSec
  • David Girdner, Antropy, Inc.
  • David Krause, RiseUp Technologies
  • Deborah Taylor, CalQLogic
  • Deron McElroy, DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
  • Diane Krehbiel-Delson, DKKD Staffing
  • Donna Woods, California Cyberhub
  • Enrique Aragon, UCLA Extension Department of Business, Management & Legal Programs
  • Eric Garcetti, Mayor, Los Angeles, CA
  • Eric Klein, Vantera Partners
  • Eric Schwab, Dynamite Ventures
  • Eugene Morgulis, PayPal
  • Evan Rees, Network Intelligence Group, (STV Board retired)
  • Fred Samulon, Management Consultant
  • Geoffrey Noonan, United States Secret Service
  • Gina Osborne, Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)
  • Grant Hester, Linchpin-IT
  • Greg Bishea, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Guy Finley, MESA
  • Harrison Finch, Loeb and Loeb
  • Howard Miller, LBW Insurance, former Board member
  • Isis Miranda, Freeman Mathis & Gary
  • Jacob Finn, City of Los Angeles – Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Cyber Lab
  • Jason Cirlin, Koletsky, Mancini, Feldman & Morrow
  • Jeffrey Aguilar, LA County Office of the CIO
  • Jeffrey Forrest, College of the Canyons
  • Jeffrey Weiner, Steptoe & Johnson
  • Jennifer Terrill, Forest Lawn
  • Jerry Kaner, Ciphertex
  • Jim Goyjer, STV Board retired
  • Jimmy Garcia, MITRE Corp
  • John Weller, LA County Superior Court
  • Jordan Fischer, Beckage
  • Joe Greenfield, Maryman & Associates
  • Jonathan Fairtlough, Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps
  • Joshua Belk, City of Los Angeles – Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Cyber Lab
  • Jules Radcliff, Radcliff Mayes LLP
  • Karen Codman, Investment Advisor Representative
  • Karen Masini, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
  • Karl Mattson, PennyMac Loan Services
  • Keith Gregory, Snell & Wilmer
  • Ken Chang, Southern California Edison
  • Kenji Martinez, Oversight IT Consulting
  • Larry Marino, KRLA
  • Laura Martin, Pacific Western Bank
  • Leo Constantino, LA Community College District
  • Liz Fraumann, SynEd
  • Louis Sadd, Datastream IT
  • Lulu Zezza, Three Zebra Solutions
  • Marc Beaart, Los Angeles County Office of the District Attorney
  • Marian Merritt, NIST National Initiative Cybersecurity Education (NICE)
  • Matt Mayo, Diamond Technologies
  • Matt Seror, Buchalter
  • Mehrdad Sharbaf, Loyola Marymount University
  • Michael Achey, aiden technologies
  • Michael Burgin, United States Secret Service
  • Michael Gold, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell LLP
  • Michael Sohn, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Michael Zweiback, Zweiback, Fiset & Coleman LLP
  • Mike Ash, Caltech
  • Pat Fraioli, MRM Capital Holdings
  • Paul Witman, California Lutheran University
  • Paula Hodge, South Central Coast Region of Community Colleges
  • Pete Platt, Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Rahul Gupta, Orange County Office of the District Attorney
  • Robert Braun, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell
  • Robert Muller, Cypress LLP
  • Ron Abarca, Silent Storm Security
  • Ron Burkhardt, Newmark Knight Frank
  • Ron Ross, National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST)
  • Sandra Lollino, LegalShield, (STV Board retired)
  • Scott Giordano, Spirion
  • Scott Pierangelo, Silent Storm
  • Scott Young, SynEd
  • Shawn Burke, Entertainment Industry Foundation
  • Spencer Stephens, techXmedia
  • Stephen Kitagawa, Kitagawa Law
  • Swamy Narayanaswamy, CalQLogic, Inc.
  • Teana Fredeen, SynEd
  • Tim Toohey, Greenberg Glusker
  • Tina Olson, California Technology Council
  • Tom Drucker, Consultants in Corporate Innovation
  • Tom Lenzo, Pasadena Fire Department
  • Vishal Oza, Alvarez & Marsal
  • Warren Kato, Los Angeles County Office of the District Attorney
  • Weiss Hamid, Buchalter
  • Wendy Elgin-Silva, Modern HR

SecureTheVillage has its origins in the Los Angeles Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA-LA) during the time when SecureTheVillage founder Stan Stahl was President. SecureTheVillage is grateful to Stan’s many colleagues at ISSA-LA, most especially

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