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Our Vision and Mission.

The Vision of SecureTheVillage is a Cybersecure Global Village.

Our Mission is to turn people and organizations into CyberGuardians having the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to meet the ongoing challenges of cyber crime, cyber privacy, and information security. We view our work as “securing the last mile” …enlisting everyone to secure their piece of the global village: at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

We accomplish our Mission by leveraging the cybersecurity community … by being a force multiplier, a catalyst, and a resource … making 1 + 1 = 1000.

From the Board Room to the Living Room — It takes a village to secure the village! TM  

Our Origins

SecureTheVillage was founded in Los Angeles in 2015. Our historical mission has been a cybersecure Los Angeles with a second vital objective of being a role model for other communities. With a major donation from Platinum Partner Miller Kaplan and the shift to greater online connection resulting from COVID-19, SecureTheVillage has evolved our vision to a cybersecure global village.

It Takes The Village – A Profound Culture Shift.

It takes a village to secure the village! TM       

In today’s Internet-connected world, everyone has a responsibility for information security and privacy, whether or not they are an “information  security professional.” 

In today’s Internet-connected world, everyone must be a CyberGuardian with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to do their part in securing information.

As our society has become more technologically-connected, our economy, our life-style, even our way of life is being challenged as never before. In today’s world, we are increasingly dependent on the information flowing through our computers and across the Internet. That means we are at risk of cybercrime, identity theft, cyber espionage and attacks on our privacy.

The most serious challenge we face is getting the non-security-professional involved in the battle. Our very understanding of “security” has to be re-imagined to include everyone from the Board Room to the Mail Room, from Finance to Human Resources, from Operations to IT … and from the Corporation to the Living Room.

While information security professionals are getting better and better, both at preventing breaches and recovering from the inevitable breaches that occur, they cannot do it alone. It takes a village.

Secure The Village – What We Do.

SecureTheVillage grows communities of CyberLeaders. These communities work to secure their particular cyber-ecosystems.

Our Financial Services Cybersecurity Roundtable meets monthly, working together to better protect our community from bank fraud, credit card theft, identity theft, and other forms of cyber crime. Roundtable attendees include financial service professionals, law enforcement, regulators, attorneys, cyber-risk / insurance professionals, technology solutions providers, and others. See the Events Calendar for information on our next meeting.

Our Cybersecurity Workforce Working Group meets monthly, working together to make meaningful contributions to the cybersecurity workforce challenge. Group members include employers, educators, nonprofits, and others. See the Events Calendar for information on our next meeting.

Our Technology and Security Management Happy Hour is a community of MSPs, MSSPs, CIOs, CISOs, solutions providers, and others who meet monthly to learn together, bringing technology and security management best practices to their organizations and their clients. See the Events Calendar for information on our next meeting.

Our Security Privacy and Leadership Team is an informal monthly meeting of cybersecurity professionals across a range of disciplines — law, risk management & insurance, IT, information security, law enforcement — who come together monthly for camaraderie and purpose. See the Events Calendar for information on our next meeting.

Our Community Outreach Working Group provides tools and education to CyberGuardians – individuals and families – so they can more effectively secure and keep private their sensitive information. Working group members come from cybersecurity professionals in fields such as law, insurance, IT, information security, law enforcement, education, and related. The group meets monthly. See the Events Calendar for information on our next meeting.

Our programs for “Residents” train the broad community in basic cybersecurity defense practices for themselves and their families, helping them become cyber-aware citizens. See the Events Calendar for information on our next meeting.

SecureTheVillage hosts a monthly Information Security Management Webinar. See the Events Calendar for information on our next webinar. Webinars serve two purposes.

  • They provide practical actionable knowledge for senior-level executives and security managers
  • They provide a forum for CyberLeaders to share their knowledge, insights, and wisdom.

Our Executive Focus Groups are designed to assist Boards and Chief Executives understand their cybersecurity responsibility, including the need to create a cyber-resilient culture. Email us for more information: [email protected]

SecureTheVillage hosts an annual Cybersecurity Conference every year in October as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

SecureTheVillage maintains a Cybersecurity Speakers Bureau, making experts available to organizations wishing to provide cybersecurity education to their constituencies.

SecureTheVillage publishes Free Information Security Management Resources, including our Information Security Management ResourceKit, our Code of Basic IT Security Management Practices, and our Minimum Reasonable Information Security Management Practices. These and other resources are available in our Resource Library.

Our Cybersecurity News of the Week and Patch Report is distributed free to over 3,000 readers every Sunday afternoon. It is published on this website and re-posted on social media. To receive your copy, sign up here.

SecureTheVillage is guided by an active Board and volunteer CyberLeaders.

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